Advertiser Info

Advertising Specifications (printable version)


Per Insertion Rates

                                Black/White        Color

Full Page           $725                 $1,250

½ Page                 $475                $725

¼ Page                 $225                $425

Page                 $125               $325

Premium Positions – color only $1,950




Distribution: Digital 15,000 & Print 2,500

Publication: Prize List

         Closing Date:               May 20, 2016

         Materials Due:              May 27, 2016

         Publication Date:       June 20, 2016


Distribution: Print 3,000 at event only

Publication: Souvenir Program

         Closing Date:               August 12, 2016

         Materials Due:              August 19, 2016

         Publication Date:       September 14, 2016



     Sizes                                     Width"        x           Depth"

     Trim Size                             8.500         x           11.000

     Full Page Bleed              8.625         x           11.125

     Full Page Live Area       7.250         x           9.750

     1/2 Page (H)                      7.250         x           4.750

     1/2 Page (V)                      3.500         x           9.750

     1/4 Page (V)                      3.500         x           4.500

     1/4 Page (H)                      7.250         x           2.250

     1/8 Page                             3.500         x           2.000



Advertisers must supply electronic digital files of advertisement materials or a charge will apply. Advertiser may be charged for any or all of the following: design, layout, art, scans of logos, photographs, line drawings, artwork, retouching due to the poor condition of supplied artwork (ad), typography; and/or client alterations.

Special design services available based on evaluation.


1301 Sixth Ave West Suite 406, Bradenton, FL 34205   (941) 744-5465            fax (941) 744-0874


  • PDF file preferred (PDF/X-1a:2001) or set to press quality: Compression settings to none & embed all font’s.
  • Native files are acceptable (i.e. Photoshop, Xpress)  Prefer conversion to high resolution PDF (PDF/X-1a:2001 setting).
  • CD’S: All disks should be labeled with name of job, contact, phone number and file format.
  • All color ads should indicate trims and bleeds where applicable.
  • Please eliminate all unused data and supply only the files to be output on disk or email.


  • Build pages to trim size and extend bleed .125" beyond page edge. Keep live area matter .25" from final trim.
  • Scanned images should not be enlarged beyond 110% or reduced below 50% in the layout application.
  • Do NOT nest EPS files within other EPS files.
  • Color scan images should be CMYK (RGB mode is not supported). Image density should be 280% maximum.
  • Duotones must be in CMYK mode.
  • Image file format should be TIF or EPS. Quark colorized Grayscale TIFs must be CMYK mode, and the background color in the box may NOT be colored. JPG, GIF, PICT, BMP and WORD formats are NOT acceptable and are not supported.
  • Delete all extraneous alpha channels, pasteboard items, styles, etc not needed for final output